Psychospiritual therapeutics

Doing a lot of yoga will not make you a saint. But it will maintain you as a human. You need your nerves today.
— Yogi Bhajan

Integrative Healing (coming soon)
 Archetypal Counselling 
 Hypnotic Meditation

There are two fundamental principles that guide Marie's approach to healing. The first is that the mind is the most subtle form of the body and the body is the densest form of the mind. They are a continuum, a spectrum, one thing. This means that we can influence one by guiding the other. The second, is that we are all capable of healing, no matter how impossible that might feel.  

Most of Marie's work deals in cognitions, feelings, and emotion - the rich aspects of our experience that keep life vibrant. Without them, existence becomes flat and empty and personal meaning remains elusive. We channel these dimensions through our nervous system; if it is undernourished or overwhelmed, then our reality feels restricted and dull. The limits of our communication, mood, and confidence are tested.  More often than not, it is here that we withdraw and give up but there is another way forward.

Marie teaches the technologies that help individuals fine-tune their reality. Her approach brings together the study of energetics with contemporary research in psychology, neuroscience, and nutrition. All sessions are collaborative and individualized. Strategies for change will be drawn from psycho-dynamic and cognitive behavioral methods of therapy, as well as the teachings of tantra, yoga, and other philosophies. Some interventions are spiritual but not religious in nature.

Limited in-person sessions.
Digital sessions: Skype, Phone (Canada Only).