Vibrate the cosmos and the cosmos will clear your path.
— Yogi Bhajan

A natal chart is a map of your inner workings, as told by the symbolic language of the heavens. The archetypal influences of the astral bodies stimulate different facets of the human psyche, including our instincts and beliefs. This bears meaningful significance to the way we conduct our everyday lives. 

The symbolic language of astrology is highly attuned to the subconscious mind, which also uses signs and associations to communicate. Archetypal counselling brings to light the aspects of ourselves which are not easily grasped by the conscious mind, including overlooked talents and self-sabotaging behavior. By exploring your natal chart, you can learn to stop fighting against yourself and integrate your entire being in an authentic way. 

Archetypal counselling guides you to dive deep and apply the hidden wisdom of your chart in a pragmatic way, suited to your current circumstance. Both natal and relocation charts are considered to gain an accurate understanding of your unique experience. Together we will discuss the themes presenting to you, explore the gifts and challenges imprinted on your cosmic blueprint, and illuminate any unconscious blocks that prevent you from living your ideal life. Each session flows effortlessly through self-discovery and healing, allowing you to playfully connect with your truth and set powerful intentions that lead to long-lasting change. 

Archetypal counselling is also incredible for the conscious parent seeking to understand their children in a deeper way. Through awareness of their natal chart, we can learn to nurture and support them in a way that respects their unique needs, authenticity, and purpose.  There are no age limits for these sessions – cosmic counselling can benefit the parents of newborns and teenagers alike.

Standard Session (1.5 hrs): $250 CAD
Abridged Session (45 minutes): $125 CAD
Cosmic Kinder Sessions (1.5 hrs): $175 CAD
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Digital sessions: Skype, Google Duo, Phone.